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Potential global conflict trigger

Russian Air Force claims a Turkish F16 shot down one of their Su-24 over Syria. They further claim, and are apparently backed-up by Syrian Air Defense, that the Su-24 made no incursion into Turkish air space. On top of this they add that the Turkish fighter made no comm’s attempts.

Flat Earth and Shoah Stories


A rambling talk on FE and Shoah Stories that I recorded during a walk. Audio is not great because of background noise yet it’s understandable.

Download here.

Flat Earth

Some alt-media people are very shrewd. Some are leaned upon for various reasons to change their content. Either way they often “salt” their media with distraction on topics that lead nowhere. Dead-end rabbit holes.

Flat Earth resurgence captures many who have recently entered the paradigm of “the powers that be lie to us” and takes it even further. It is things like Flat Earth resurgence that add credence to the concept of Fusion Paranoia (which is likely to become Political Insanity co-morbid with Oppositional Defiance Disorder).

Since guilt-by-association is a tool that saves our monkey-brains time it is very easy to discredit anything by “salting” it with something dis-credible.

All the general mathematics of over 2250 years of round earth is found here:

As are the atmospheric refraction (lensatic distortion) that sometimes allow seeing over the horizon; in effect, moving the horizon out a few miles.

Look at this flat earth map.


  • the map uses curved projection grid;
  • distance from Los Angeles (USA) to Sydney (Australia) is much less than distance from Sydney (Australia) to Cape Town (South Africa). Even though flight time is more from SYD to LAX.

Flat Earth is a lesson in how suggestible people are. It’s Dunning-Kruger writ large in the alt-media.


This one is called synergy. A synth piece in F-minor on the theme of concordance out of noise.

Download here.

Hellstorm–what happened when the Allies won WW2

It was a film I put off watching for a long time. Frankly because I was not sure I could process it in any useful way. Now I have watched it and I find that it can be processed. For the effect it has on the future depends on you.

Hellstorm Documentary

It may very well be the largest cover up in history. It may possibly be the most horrendous genocide attempt that has any evidence left behind. Hellstorm describes what war leaves for the losers who played by the rules that the winners use as a control mechanism. Honour is a flaw if one is fighting a foe without any. It is said elsewhere that you fight an enemy by breaking their own rules and that was the downfall of the Germans in WW2 – thinking that the rules would be adhered to.

War has always been Clausewitzian. All out conflict run by people who are never at risk and always have an exit strategy.

Let Him be Deceived

"Let Him be Deceived" was a maxim of Roman law. It functions like caveat emptor, buyer beware, with the state not helping you if you were lied to or defrauded by conversation. Over time this maxim has been altered to consumer protection and recourse for ripped off customers. To some level this is a good thing and in some ways it makes the consumer lazier. They no longer practice diligence and discrimination in their purchase decisions with the armor of the state to protect them from themselves.

What is the right balance?

If you agree there’s a character issue in the Western empire, the Anglo-sphere, then this may be part of the issue. Being shielded from the consequences of your actions has been traditionally what parents do for their children.

White Genocide Now?

Trolling is obvious. Dumb trolling is a waste of the author’s time (or perhaps a symptom of their NPD). This propaganda is just lame and immediately self-negating. Ah well. I spent 10 minutes on it and most of that time was upgrading this site.

whose pilots

Meme Sowing

In the 21st century Nazi means a white person who is not dead, yet.

We are not dead, yet.

Reclaim the West.
Save the Boer.
Reclaim the Rest.

Optimates We Need You

Movements start by following leaders. Leaders take the head of a bunch of resources and steer the energy of the followers to the goal. A talk, a request, an appeal, to the optimates we need for the future.

Invest in Immigration?

Invest in immigration, or invest in the nation? A talk about what immigration means to governments.