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How much data is stored on you?

That is a deliberately unanswerable question. Instead we’ll use a different approach.

Let’s look at how much data could be stored on you by a governmentally supported agency. Firstly, they have a budget that could be functionally unlimited. If we accept that they can tap the black market for cash then that factors their on-book budget by at least 10.

The only functional restriction on unlimited demand is the supply-rate. So the assumption is that .gov can afford 1% of all HDD production per year. That’s 5million units at an average of 500Gb per unit just for 2012. Therefore we extrapolate out to 2.5 billion Gb of storage. Which gives about a fifth of a Gb per person on the planet, or 200Mb.

Think about what amount of useful data that could be. Capturing it through Google and your registered ISP or other data-provider account is simply done with legislation that requires data-availability, and .gov monopoly access on high-bandwidth backbones on demand.

So with 200Mb on file per person on the planet what would they know about you?

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