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So, you want to change the world

Short version is you cannot do it alone. You need a team of those who will work towards the same goal. Why they do it isn’t as important as how effective they are at creating entrenched change. That is change difficult to undo. It seems to this observer with no party affiliations, and indeed a dire resistance of parties ideologies, that a change is required; particularly in the Western world.


Three things you need to be aware of first.

  1. Millgram Experiment
  2. Stockholm Syndrome
  3. Dunning-Kruger Effect

These are the levers of population control.


The biggest question you can answer is how to entrench the change you desire. With more and more research there is less and less real entrenched change that can be enacted without serious discomfort or outright death. Unfortunately the real next step is a group that will work together to enact the entrenched change.


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