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Hellstorm–what happened when the Allies won WW2

It was a film I put off watching for a long time. Frankly because I was not sure I could process it in any useful way. Now I have watched it and I find that it can be processed. For the effect it has on the future depends on you.

Hellstorm Documentary

It may very well be the largest cover up in history. It may possibly be the most horrendous genocide attempt that has any evidence left behind. Hellstorm describes what war leaves for the losers who played by the rules that the winners use as a control mechanism. Honour is a flaw if one is fighting a foe without any. It is said elsewhere that you fight an enemy by breaking their own rules and that was the downfall of the Germans in WW2 – thinking that the rules would be adhered to.

War has always been Clausewitzian. All out conflict run by people who are never at risk and always have an exit strategy.

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