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Flat Earth

Some alt-media people are very shrewd. Some are leaned upon for various reasons to change their content. Either way they often “salt” their media with distraction on topics that lead nowhere. Dead-end rabbit holes.

Flat Earth resurgence captures many who have recently entered the paradigm of “the powers that be lie to us” and takes it even further. It is things like Flat Earth resurgence that add credence to the concept of Fusion Paranoia (which is likely to become Political Insanity co-morbid with Oppositional Defiance Disorder).

Since guilt-by-association is a tool that saves our monkey-brains time it is very easy to discredit anything by “salting” it with something dis-credible.

All the general mathematics of over 2250 years of round earth is found here:

As are the atmospheric refraction (lensatic distortion) that sometimes allow seeing over the horizon; in effect, moving the horizon out a few miles.

Look at this flat earth map.


  • the map uses curved projection grid;
  • distance from Los Angeles (USA) to Sydney (Australia) is much less than distance from Sydney (Australia) to Cape Town (South Africa). Even though flight time is more from SYD to LAX.

Flat Earth is a lesson in how suggestible people are. It’s Dunning-Kruger writ large in the alt-media.

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