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Forward Movement Concepts

Starting is the hardest part. For those deeply effected by the deracination fo the last decades your have a huge hit to your self-esteem on a very deep level. To overcome it you have gone through many trials and difficult cognitive dissonances that prevent action outside typical scopes (make money, make rock and roll, make out, make self munted, etc).

What does this mean?

You have had a crippled way of reaching your goals because your roots are believed worthless. If you believe your roots are worthless then you are almost certainly worthless. Overcoming this is the way forward. Does having a grand ancestor make you a grand person? No. It does make you able to believe you can be grand because you see it in your bloodline, in your familial history, and that can be the tinder for the fire you need to light towards your goals.

Overcoming this traumatic brain-dirtying is the key to moving forward. Are you flawed? Yes. The flaws are only going to hold you back as long as you let them. Start moving forward. You must move forward because enemies are looking to cease your movement in the near future. Prepare.

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