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Fellow Slaves

Fellow slaves.

Are your iPad’s making you happy? Has Facebook netted you so many friends you are swamped with people just flooding your house to spend time with you, rapt in being in your presence? Does a police car driving behind you make you feel safe and joyfully secure? When the government announce new ways to spend your money do you cry out with joy that more of your earnings will be taken?

No. We don’t exist in this world we are told to exist in. It’s only there by forcing each other to believe in it. None of us do believe. No honest woman, no honest man, no teenager, can believe it. A child can’t even see it exists. She has to be forced to go along with something so unreal it terrifies her.

Fellow slaves. We have to wake up. The reason we are slaves, the absolute truth of the matter, is we won’t let anyone escape. Most of us won’t even admit we are slaves. It’s time to forget about the external, focus on the internal, and ask: how can I be free? Then the most important question can be answered.

How can we all be free?

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