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Rumsfeld Answers the Question he would have Preferred

In an interview about his released memoirs former secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld can’t step out of the policy control and violence advocate where the people he governs by their consent are not to be told anything except what he wants them to know. Classic symptom of this thinking is to respond to a question with the answer you want to give regardless of what the question actually was.

Here’s a question: how can a Republican maintain public office for 30 years when there’s been Democrat elected presidents in the same period?

Here’s the answer I prefer, “Two party preferred system is the two masks of the same agenda.”

Leopards don’t change their spots. Power maniacs don’t tell the truth: except where it escapes through their own vanity.

“It was a rather classic example of how my brain works.”
-Donald Rumsfeld, in reference to the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan

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