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Rights versus Privileges

If the only freedoms you have are those you can uphold it matches well with logical morality.

That is:

  • If you want private property, you must support all peoples’ right to private property.
  • If you want sanctity of your person, you must support all peoples’ sanctity of their person.
  • If you want to bear arms without restriction then you must support all peoples’ right to bear arms without restriction.

As soon as you say something is a special right, a restricted right, you aren’t fully on-board with it being a right at all and are dubbing it a privilege.
Simply having love for your neighbour to have the same rights as you will get you a lot further towards morality than the idea of privilege and special genetic rights.

If you can’t uphold your freedoms you logically don’t have them. Should you find that you need to recover your freedoms then get as many people on board to recover the same freedoms with you.

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