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Tasers are tools for forcing compliance, not less-lethal alternatives to pistols

Unarmed, running away, and possibly having stolen some biscuits the police decided to taser this person instead of physically arresting him. Why? The police will close ranks and spout propaganda in their defence like they always do. After all they always judge their own cases in the court systems so there is no risk of an unsatisfactory finding.

Fact is there were at least 6 police chasing this man according to CCTV footage, but for some mysterious reason one of the officers thought they ought to use the weapon, that even a civilian can’t own without some ridiculous permit slip that you are acceptably allowed to protect yourself sometimes, for the sole reason of stopping the suspect from running away.

When the Australian police released news they would be taking tasers on-board it was under the guise that they would only be used in place of firearms in such situations where life was at risk. Clearly another lie. Like police forces the world over the taser is compliance tool, nothing more than a cattle-prod for handling the domestic tax slave.

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