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Category Archives: Government Abuse

The Road to Post-Oil

20 years This could happen at any time when supply is constricted, it may be the “warning flag” that the rapid decline has begun. Others have said before and it bears mentioning again: Governments will keep the energy for their purposes as the critical and primary need. Even if it means some others starve. Acceptable […]

How much data is stored on you?

That is a deliberately unanswerable question. Instead we’ll use a different approach. Let’s look at how much data could be stored on you by a governmentally supported agency. Firstly, they have a budget that could be functionally unlimited. If we accept that they can tap the black market for cash then that factors their on-book […]

You Cannot Refuse to Answer

O’Sachy refused to answer any questions about their relationship or the events leading up to her death, despite being ordered to by Coroner John Lock. Read more: He will be brought back before the Coroner on Friday to learn his fate and faces a three-year jail term if charged with contempt. Three years in […]

The Poor Dig In

Vagrants living underground It’s been some time since I’ve seen an article use that phrase. It came from the Political Commisar’s office some time ago the correct phrase was homeless. Enterprising solutions to housing issues that don’t involve someone getting paid are illegal – remember that.

Corruption comes from Power During a typical work day this man was maintaining and repairing classic weapons like the Thompson sub-machine gun in the picture. Why doe the police keep these archaic illegal (for civilian) weapons that they don’t use in field operations? (They have better things like H&K UMP sub-machine guns) It’s clear that on the streets […]

Bitcoin Thoughts as ASIC Approaches

Butter Fly Labs is getting realistically closer to releasing their Bitforce SC range of ASIC mining rigs. What will this do to the Bitcoin value? We can easily be led off into thinking about the complexities of hash-rates, difficulties and BTC rewards per block halving and miss the core premise of what it all means. […]

Good to be Back

Loathing to use a Garry Glitter title track because he is a despoiler of the future (aka. pedophile) it is still a catchy tune. The blog will take a new direction: Static Universe + Plasma Cosmology Prehistoric genetic influences in modern humans Moral logic + CBT Police State alerts Preparation for maintaining freedom in a […]

Harsher Gun Laws to Catch Criminals?

Here it is again. Ridiculous and illogical ideas to catch people who won’t obey laws. Why? Why make it harder to legally own a firearm if you are ostensibly trying to catch people who ALREADY illegally have firearms? Of course that’s not what is trying to be achieved. Note the caption is the real […]

Creating Money Out of Thin Air Now Costs More?

Seems there is an idea that the public accept that the cost of loaning money that is made up on the spot has increased. How can inventing money increase in cost? These shameless charlatans are part of the problem. They hide behind the violence of the state to support their fraudulent enterprise of turning […]

Here come the apologists

This reporter is branded an “INVESTIGATOR”. This is the propaganda, where the writer is telling the reader what to think, “The recent tragic death of a man in Sydney must not detract from the impending issue of Tasers to Victoria Police members in the coming months.” What he’s saying is ignore the death of […]