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Category Archives: Media Manipulation

Cheaper Fuel is Gateway to Carbon Tax Low fuel prices to usher in carbon tax. Carbon tax is a living tax (a tax on being alive and having energy requirements). Think it will stop at fuel? Then you haven’t read their plans. Agenda21 calls for an end to private motor vehicle ownership. It’s concealed, somewhat, in the phrase “unessential vehicles”. Think […]

Disparity of Morals: why the USA is beneath Russia Putin’s protectors ought to pull a Mossad on this guy. Kidnap and extradite him to Moscow like the Mossad did with Eichmann, ignoring boundaries, and show trial his crazy face on Russia Today. It would send a serious message that follows the US own internal thinking about threats and calls for assassination for the […]

Outlaw Combat AI UN says something must be outlawed… that’s like saying, “It’s ready. Get in line to buy this stuff.” Of course supra-national unaccountability allows you to say any stupid rubbish you want.

Only Females can be Assholes Bickmore’s just yelling questions over the top of this old campaigner and then gets flustered when Johnny disrespects her in return. Respect is earned, not given, and you’re not even trying to work, Bickmore.

The Poor Dig In

Vagrants living underground It’s been some time since I’ve seen an article use that phrase. It came from the Political Commisar’s office some time ago the correct phrase was homeless. Enterprising solutions to housing issues that don’t involve someone getting paid are illegal – remember that.

Corruption comes from Power During a typical work day this man was maintaining and repairing classic weapons like the Thompson sub-machine gun in the picture. Why doe the police keep these archaic illegal (for civilian) weapons that they don’t use in field operations? (They have better things like H&K UMP sub-machine guns) It’s clear that on the streets […]

Good to be Back

Loathing to use a Garry Glitter title track because he is a despoiler of the future (aka. pedophile) it is still a catchy tune. The blog will take a new direction: Static Universe + Plasma Cosmology Prehistoric genetic influences in modern humans Moral logic + CBT Police State alerts Preparation for maintaining freedom in a […]

Harsher Gun Laws to Catch Criminals?

Here it is again. Ridiculous and illogical ideas to catch people who won’t obey laws. Why? Why make it harder to legally own a firearm if you are ostensibly trying to catch people who ALREADY illegally have firearms? Of course that’s not what is trying to be achieved. Note the caption is the real […]

Media Passes Your Judgement for You

Telling you what to think about things you’ve never heard of. That’s the media’s role in modern society. Maintain the narrative at any cost. Emmanuel Goldstein is a traitor. War with Eurasia. Weapons of mass destruction. Wipe Israel off the map. Iran is making nuclear weapons to kill the Jews. The article blatantly tells […]

Gay Marriage is a Non-Issue The Chief Justice commented about his great career and power in his community but negated it entirely, he thought, with this comment. I rose to be one of the significant judicial citizens of this country, but I was always a second-class citizen. Unqualified bullshit, again. No surprise considering the massive over-representation of narcissistic disorders […]