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Category Archives: Neofeudalism

What an executive psychopath looks like This pretty much sums it up. Misdiagnosed with AD/HD, the guy is clearly a psychopath who has no empathy or concern for any other person on the planet until they are useful to him. A master of self-promotion and confidence tricks the man has left a wreckage of failed business behind him. Persistence is […]

Housing Prices Overpriced – Survey Proves

Just to prove that CEO’s of Australia’s top mining companies really do not have a single clue about demand driven pricing the very same news company that published their ideas for taxing houses to control home prices puts forward the results of an international survey that proves Australian home prices are overvalued. Are these people […]

Rumsfeld Answers the Question he would have Preferred

In an interview about his released memoirs former secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld can’t step out of the policy control and violence advocate where the people he governs by their consent are not to be told anything except what he wants them to know. Classic symptom of this thinking is to respond to a question […]

Rise of Authoritarianism

If you believe: Internet censorship is required (because it’s too hard to find those paedophiles in real life) Cameras keep the streets safe (that way they can track and punish instead of prevent) Doctors do no wrong (removing babies and crushing their skulls & saying it’s not murder) China is a great country (that’s why […]

Aussie Retailers want Gov Protection

There’s a maxim that I may have coined, “People only advocate things from which they perceive they will benefit”. Australian big retailers are petitioning the government to put GST on imports under $1000. Of course this is so they don’t have to compete with internet retailers overseas. It would be like Australian small retailers petitioning […]

Dangerous Loner List? How about Dangerous Cop List?

This ridiculous article is trying to provoke the idea that a ‘dangerous loner list’ could have prevented the fatal shooting in Arizona of 6 people. Given that police departments repeatedly have been found in court to have no obligation to protect the citizens the idea that a list will do anything is a complete fallacy. […]

Fellow Slaves

Fellow slaves. Are your iPad’s making you happy? Has Facebook netted you so many friends you are swamped with people just flooding your house to spend time with you, rapt in being in your presence? Does a police car driving behind you make you feel safe and joyfully secure? When the government announce new ways […]

Tasers are for Forcing Compliance When tasers were introduced to Australian police it was under the guise of a less-lethal alternative to their firearms. The media assured its audience that the police would only use them in situations where they would use their pistols. Here we see them using it for what it was really intended for: forcing compliance. […]

Retraining the Serfs for the Farm

National curriculum revisions used to be done in consultation with the taxpayer and the constituents who’s powers were given to the legislature. Now it’s done in lock-step with multinationals to further their corporate powers. Why would an urbanised population need a return to study of agriculture? You really want to know? Simple: because there will […]