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Category Archives: Ontology

You Cannot Refuse to Answer

O’Sachy refused to answer any questions about their relationship or the events leading up to her death, despite being ordered to by Coroner John Lock. Read more: He will be brought back before the Coroner on Friday to learn his fate and faces a three-year jail term if charged with contempt. Three years in […]

Bitcoin Thoughts as ASIC Approaches

Butter Fly Labs is getting realistically closer to releasing their Bitforce SC range of ASIC mining rigs. What will this do to the Bitcoin value? We can easily be led off into thinking about the complexities of hash-rates, difficulties and BTC rewards per block halving and miss the core premise of what it all means. […]

One down, 6 billion to go

Youtube has one less video on people trying to use Science to prove god. Thanks to Fred Hoyle’s QSS Cosmology and the formal logic of the Ancient Greeks. An appeal to popularity is almost certainly going to be false because half of all people are below average intelligence. Unfortunately the deletion means it can’t stand […]