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Category Archives: Social Decay

You Cannot Refuse to Answer

O’Sachy refused to answer any questions about their relationship or the events leading up to her death, despite being ordered to by Coroner John Lock. Read more: He will be brought back before the Coroner on Friday to learn his fate and faces a three-year jail term if charged with contempt. Three years in […]

The Poor Dig In

Vagrants living underground It’s been some time since I’ve seen an article use that phrase. It came from the Political Commisar’s office some time ago the correct phrase was homeless. Enterprising solutions to housing issues that don’t involve someone getting paid are illegal – remember that.

Good to be Back

Loathing to use a Garry Glitter title track because he is a despoiler of the future (aka. pedophile) it is still a catchy tune. The blog will take a new direction: Static Universe + Plasma Cosmology Prehistoric genetic influences in modern humans Moral logic + CBT Police State alerts Preparation for maintaining freedom in a […]

Gay Marriage is a Non-Issue The Chief Justice commented about his great career and power in his community but negated it entirely, he thought, with this comment. I rose to be one of the significant judicial citizens of this country, but I was always a second-class citizen. Unqualified bullshit, again. No surprise considering the massive over-representation of narcissistic disorders […]

Defending the Paradigm

If a slight bump can kill a fit 25 year old, what the hell are people playing this game for? Of course they’re just defending the paradigm of the paddock. Yes, the sacred football field. Where men are taught to view life as a ball game and the losers they create just go home […]

And you think there’s no such thing as Social Decay?

Teenagers in a rural community abuse and bash a boy because his brother and mother died in floods and he survived. Is this not a sign of social decay? What sort of personality thinks this is worthwhile? What sort of personality can rewards itself for this behaviour? What kind of personality boasts about it on […]

Is that fish, or a dead giant squid?

You’d think it can’t get any more obvious. The state’s police commissioner, his son involved in a drug lab, and the neighbours can’t get a shred of action on their complaints after violence, threats, abuse, and drug investigations. Do you wonder if this happened? “Bill, it’s Karl. That call, you know to my son’s place, […]

Housing Prices Overpriced – Survey Proves

Just to prove that CEO’s of Australia’s top mining companies really do not have a single clue about demand driven pricing the very same news company that published their ideas for taxing houses to control home prices puts forward the results of an international survey that proves Australian home prices are overvalued. Are these people […]

CEO’s fail to ID demand driven price rises

It seems CEO of mining companies have no idea why the price of housing is going up so quickly. They have no grasp of demand drive pricing. In this article they state that housing should be taxed to stem price rises. It’s never articulated how the tax will suppress house prices. All the while conveniently […]

Google searches lead to nasty action?

It seems that anyone who holds a narrow view of a subject, and is in a minority, must be censored – at least that’s the implication that Professor Kevin Dunn is making in this article by the Sydney Morning Herald. Essentially there is a complaint that any racist related search term cannot be censored and […]