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This one is called synergy. A synth piece in F-minor on the theme of concordance out of noise. Download here.

Meme Sowing

In the 21st century Nazi means a white person who is not dead, yet. We are not dead, yet. Reclaim the West. Save the Boer. Reclaim the Rest.

Plasma Earthquakes? Connect ground discharge lightning phenomena with earthquakes and the plasma cosmological model and you have a better explanation for the gigajoules of energy that is making new elements.

The Star of Andrew Jackson – or wristbands of white privilege

The Star of Andrew Jackson – or wristbands of white privilege

False Flag?

How do the Israelis get access to Bangkok to investigate this guy and come up with the answer that it’s their nemesis, Iran, so quickly?–abc-news.html Stinks of false flag. How convenient that Iran coordinate such a spate of useless bombing around the world right as the USA has stationed 1000’s more troops and the […]

Rights versus Privileges

If the only freedoms you have are those you can uphold it matches well with logical morality. That is: If you want private property, you must support all peoples’ right to private property. If you want sanctity of your person, you must support all peoples’ sanctity of their person. If you want to bear arms […]

Justice for the rich

Why did the magistrate in the court case between Ceglia and Facebook, order the plaintiff (Ceglia) to hand over his computers and files to the defendant (Facebook) for forensic testing? It’d be like if you sued the police force and the judge ordered you to hand over all your evidence to the police forensic lab. […]