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Category Archives: world government

Fellow Slaves

Fellow slaves. Are your iPad’s making you happy? Has Facebook netted you so many friends you are swamped with people just flooding your house to spend time with you, rapt in being in your presence? Does a police car driving behind you make you feel safe and joyfully secure? When the government announce new ways […]

If you cannot question then it is religious enslavement

Anything that elevates itself above questioning is religious in nature. It is declaring itself absolute and unquestionable. It is stifling discourse and in the situation where those questioning are actively punished for doing so then it is religious enslavement. Let’s compare: Question the “God” of Islam you can be killed. Question it in the wrong […]

Retraining the Serfs for the Farm

National curriculum revisions used to be done in consultation with the taxpayer and the constituents who’s powers were given to the legislature. Now it’s done in lock-step with multinationals to further their corporate powers. Why would an urbanised population need a return to study of agriculture? You really want to know? Simple: because there will […]

You can’t change it through the systems’ people

This is a double entendre, so to explain: You can’t change it through system’s people – the people of the system won’t allow it to change. You can’t change it through the systems, people – an address to realise it doesn’t work any more. Our systems of government and control are so dominating and so […]

SDR and Admiralty Law

The SDR is an international unit of currency: Special Drawing Rights. It is defined as a recognised currency by the ISO 4217 standard. Where it ties to Admiralty Law is that international shipping insurance is legislated to be taken out in amounts of SDR units. General Maritime Claims with SDR per tonnage ISO 4217 The […]