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Monthly Archives: November 2010

SDR and Admiralty Law

The SDR is an international unit of currency: Special Drawing Rights. It is defined as a recognised currency by the ISO 4217 standard. Where it ties to Admiralty Law is that international shipping insurance is legislated to be taken out in amounts of SDR units. General Maritime Claims with SDR per tonnage ISO 4217 The […]

Politician, actor, puppet?

Many years ago I heard of video footage that showed Bill Clinton leaving a funeral. He was laughing and joking with secret service personnel. Then he saw the camera and snapped back to being sombre and moved by the funeral. Finally I found it.

Land of the Home, Free of the Brave

From the Homeland of the USA: Free of the Brave. The constant threat of Al-Qaida (which translates as anything from the ‘base’ to the ‘toilet’) has apparently required Transport Security Agency servants to clothed body search all passengers who refuse the naked body scanner: which is also known as a back-scatter X-ray machine. Even three […]

Evidence of the Positive

This video shows why a committee review process is not the same as evidentiary reconstruction of events. Ignore what you’ve been told, put aside what you’re meant to think, set behind you the programmed responses, and see what is shown. Thermate reconstruction cutting and undermining steel

Government wants to own your organs

The state of Western Australia legislature wants to introduce a law mandating all people are organ donors and that they must opt-out of the organ donation. The implications are staggering but are most easily summed up as the government thinks it owns your organs. What else do these people think they can force you […]

How your mind is changed: NLP in media

A four part guide to the petty, disingenuous, techniques talk-show media representatives use to skew their audience’s perception. Part 1 of 4, media techniques This NLP is used for all interviews on talk-shows that are not blatant entertainment, meaningless, or pro-establishment. Watch, listen and learn.