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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Insane Ignorance. Or is it Arrogance?

If a police officer restrains a person, then puts that person unable to move, in harms way: why is it not murder? Police arrested a drunk teen with a baseball bat who was not behaving in any aggravated way then lay the teen down on a busy secondary suburban road – where the teen was […]

Worried about victim: not the sniper at large

This article shows why the mainstream media is never taken very seriously by anyone with some critical reading skills. Anyone with a conscience is worried about the victim’s health. Those of us who think a little bit are worried that the “sniper” is still at large. The article tries to lull you back to […]

Tasers are for Forcing Compliance When tasers were introduced to Australian police it was under the guise of a less-lethal alternative to their firearms. The media assured its audience that the police would only use them in situations where they would use their pistols. Here we see them using it for what it was really intended for: forcing compliance. […]

Burn it. Burn it all!

Now the government thinks it can burn down citizen’s houses without any liability – just declare an emergency. In this case there were accusations of ‘bomb building’. So what do they do? Burn the whole lot down. We would hate for any of those ‘explosives’ to be detonated by the flames. The blaze was remotely […]

Retraining the Serfs for the Farm

National curriculum revisions used to be done in consultation with the taxpayer and the constituents who’s powers were given to the legislature. Now it’s done in lock-step with multinationals to further their corporate powers. Why would an urbanised population need a return to study of agriculture? You really want to know? Simple: because there will […]

Assange Arrest Obfuscates “World Press Freedom Day” Host Announcement

CK Hunter writes that the announcement of Julian Assange, founder and proponent of, was arrested in the UK, the US government announces that the nation’s capital will host the UN “World Press Freedom Day” in 2011. It seems the love of irony within injustice is rife within the powers that be. It also seems […]

Tax of the Person

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) has a massive body of legislation that contains some very interesting passages. One of them is that a taxed person can claim the cost of ‘managing tax affairs’. This is not defined or limited in the legislation. What occurred to KWJ, your author, is that as a person you can […]

You can’t change it through the systems’ people

This is a double entendre, so to explain: You can’t change it through system’s people – the people of the system won’t allow it to change. You can’t change it through the systems, people – an address to realise it doesn’t work any more. Our systems of government and control are so dominating and so […]

Too Distracted to be Afraid

Very few people seem to have the fear that understanding what is planned throughout the Western first world ‘should’ bring. It is the real terrorism in the world: the loss of rights, the loss of freedoms, the loss of dignity – to protect the mask of an idea so few really believe in any more. […]

Frame the Whistle-blower

Julian Assange, the leader of WikiLeaks, has upset people with power and influence. So what do these people, TPTB, do about it? 1. Change the laws so that Whistleblowing is illegal unless you go through a government department. 2. Bring to bear the most readily fabricated crime against a man by digging through his partners. […]