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Monthly Archives: February 2011

CEO’s fail to ID demand driven price rises

It seems CEO of mining companies have no idea why the price of housing is going up so quickly. They have no grasp of demand drive pricing. In this article they state that housing should be taxed to stem price rises. It’s never articulated how the tax will suppress house prices. All the while conveniently […]

Google searches lead to nasty action?

It seems that anyone who holds a narrow view of a subject, and is in a minority, must be censored – at least that’s the implication that Professor Kevin Dunn is making in this article by the Sydney Morning Herald. Essentially there is a complaint that any racist related search term cannot be censored and […]

Police will not be drawn on the facts

A police car heading to a domestic dispute smashes into a citizen’s car and fatally injures the driver – who ironically was returning from a one month stint of volunteer assistance at the Queensland floods. Spokesperson for the police, “…would not be drawn on whether the van’s sirens or lights were activated, whether speed was […]

Rumsfeld Answers the Question he would have Preferred

In an interview about his released memoirs former secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld can’t step out of the policy control and violence advocate where the people he governs by their consent are not to be told anything except what he wants them to know. Classic symptom of this thinking is to respond to a question […]

Oppose Gov Projects? Now you’re a Junkie

How does this kind of emotional baiting continue to be published? It beggars belief that even an op-ed piece can use this kind of baseless comparison. With all the implications about lying, stealing and irresponsibility that are raised with the use of the keyword ‘junkie’. Complete with an actor trying to look like a junkie […]

When the good guys are backstabbers…

When the USA, who have been the good guys in the public eye since they took over the media, is backstabbing their faithful ally the UK it is telling about morality within the power structures. This kind of thing was once unconscionable but now it’s “just business, don’t take it personally” – that old mind […]