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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Missiles to protect civilians

The allied airstrikes, with all their bombs and missiles, are to protect civilians The Hindu reports. That’s what they need. High explosives and the random rain of lethal shrapnel. That’ll protect them… from living. Who are these morons that; a) believe this tripe, b) actually have the temerity to let the words slip from their […]

Is that fish, or a dead giant squid?

You’d think it can’t get any more obvious. The state’s police commissioner, his son involved in a drug lab, and the neighbours can’t get a shred of action on their complaints after violence, threats, abuse, and drug investigations. Do you wonder if this happened? “Bill, it’s Karl. That call, you know to my son’s place, […]

Axiom of Abuse Repeating

As it is done, So it will be, As you were treated, So will you treat me –KWJ, 2011

Housing Prices Overpriced – Survey Proves

Just to prove that CEO’s of Australia’s top mining companies really do not have a single clue about demand driven pricing the very same news company that published their ideas for taxing houses to control home prices puts forward the results of an international survey that proves Australian home prices are overvalued. Are these people […]