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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Defending the Paradigm

If a slight bump can kill a fit 25 year old, what the hell are people playing this game for? Of course they’re just defending the paradigm of the paddock. Yes, the sacred football field. Where men are taught to view life as a ball game and the losers they create just go home […]

Not even hidden

It’s not even hidden any more that black on white crime is never “hate crime”.–abc-news-topstories.html This article contains the perfect gem to confirm it. The shootings occurred nearly two years to the day after a black man shot England’s father to death, according to his Facebook posting. We can safely assume the suspect’s father […]

What an executive psychopath looks like This pretty much sums it up. Misdiagnosed with AD/HD, the guy is clearly a psychopath who has no empathy or concern for any other person on the planet until they are useful to him. A master of self-promotion and confidence tricks the man has left a wreckage of failed business behind him. Persistence is […]