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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Media Passes Your Judgement for You

Telling you what to think about things you’ve never heard of. That’s the media’s role in modern society. Maintain the narrative at any cost. Emmanuel Goldstein is a traitor. War with Eurasia. Weapons of mass destruction. Wipe Israel off the map. Iran is making nuclear weapons to kill the Jews. The article blatantly tells […]

Gay Marriage is a Non-Issue The Chief Justice commented about his great career and power in his community but negated it entirely, he thought, with this comment. I rose to be one of the significant judicial citizens of this country, but I was always a second-class citizen. Unqualified bullshit, again. No surprise considering the massive over-representation of narcissistic disorders […]

Creating Money Out of Thin Air Now Costs More?

Seems there is an idea that the public accept that the cost of loaning money that is made up on the spot has increased. How can inventing money increase in cost? These shameless charlatans are part of the problem. They hide behind the violence of the state to support their fraudulent enterprise of turning […]