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Monthly Archives: April 2013

How much data is stored on you?

That is a deliberately unanswerable question. Instead we’ll use a different approach. Let’s look at how much data could be stored on you by a governmentally supported agency. Firstly, they have a budget that could be functionally unlimited. If we accept that they can tap the black market for cash then that factors their on-book […]

You Cannot Refuse to Answer

O’Sachy refused to answer any questions about their relationship or the events leading up to her death, despite being ordered to by Coroner John Lock. Read more: He will be brought back before the Coroner on Friday to learn his fate and faces a three-year jail term if charged with contempt. Three years in […]

Why Most Australians are Stupid Most Australians are still Catholic and therefore still stupid. Of course those who believe in the almighty tyrant-father are stupid slaves. It’s what they believe they are. Talk about confirmation bias.

Only Females can be Assholes Bickmore’s just yelling questions over the top of this old campaigner and then gets flustered when Johnny disrespects her in return. Respect is earned, not given, and you’re not even trying to work, Bickmore.

The Poor Dig In

Vagrants living underground It’s been some time since I’ve seen an article use that phrase. It came from the Political Commisar’s office some time ago the correct phrase was homeless. Enterprising solutions to housing issues that don’t involve someone getting paid are illegal – remember that.