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Monthly Archives: August 2015

White Genocide Now?

Trolling is obvious. Dumb trolling is a waste of the author’s time (or perhaps a symptom of their NPD). This propaganda is just lame and immediately self-negating. Ah well. I spent 10 minutes on it and most of that time was upgrading this site.

Meme Sowing

In the 21st century Nazi means a white person who is not dead, yet. We are not dead, yet. Reclaim the West. Save the Boer. Reclaim the Rest.

Optimates We Need You

Movements start by following leaders. Leaders take the head of a bunch of resources and steer the energy of the followers to the goal. A talk, a request, an appeal, to the optimates we need for the future.

Invest in Immigration?

Invest in immigration, or invest in the nation? A talk about what immigration means to governments.