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And you think there’s no such thing as Social Decay?

Teenagers in a rural community abuse and bash a boy because his brother and mother died in floods and he survived. Is this not a sign of social decay? What sort of personality thinks this is worthwhile? What sort of personality can rewards itself for this behaviour? What kind of personality boasts about it on […]

Axiom of Abuse Repeating

As it is done, So it will be, As you were treated, So will you treat me –KWJ, 2011

Insane Ignorance. Or is it Arrogance?

If a police officer restrains a person, then puts that person unable to move, in harms way: why is it not murder? Police arrested a drunk teen with a baseball bat who was not behaving in any aggravated way then lay the teen down on a busy secondary suburban road – where the teen was […]

Tasers are for Forcing Compliance When tasers were introduced to Australian police it was under the guise of a less-lethal alternative to their firearms. The media assured its audience that the police would only use them in situations where they would use their pistols. Here we see them using it for what it was really intended for: forcing compliance. […]