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Rise of Authoritarianism

If you believe: Internet censorship is required (because it’s too hard to find those paedophiles in real life) Cameras keep the streets safe (that way they can track and punish instead of prevent) Doctors do no wrong (removing babies and crushing their skulls & saying it’s not murder) China is a great country (that’s why […]

Tax of the Person

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) has a massive body of legislation that contains some very interesting passages. One of them is that a taxed person can claim the cost of ‘managing tax affairs’. This is not defined or limited in the legislation. What occurred to KWJ, your author, is that as a person you can […]

SDR and Admiralty Law

The SDR is an international unit of currency: Special Drawing Rights. It is defined as a recognised currency by the ISO 4217 standard. Where it ties to Admiralty Law is that international shipping insurance is legislated to be taken out in amounts of SDR units. General Maritime Claims with SDR per tonnage ISO 4217 The […]