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Media Passes Your Judgement for You

Telling you what to think about things you’ve never heard of. That’s the media’s role in modern society. Maintain the narrative at any cost. Emmanuel Goldstein is a traitor. War with Eurasia. Weapons of mass destruction. Wipe Israel off the map. Iran is making nuclear weapons to kill the Jews. The article blatantly tells […]

Peasant Dies in Handcuffs: move along, nothing to see Seems this man was riding a motorised scooter and was stopped. He became “abusive” and was handcuffed. Then he collapsed. Almost certainly after repeated blows to the head because he could articulate that he owned his own brain and could wear a helmet on his choice. This kind of free thinking human has to […]

And you think there’s no such thing as Social Decay?

Teenagers in a rural community abuse and bash a boy because his brother and mother died in floods and he survived. Is this not a sign of social decay? What sort of personality thinks this is worthwhile? What sort of personality can rewards itself for this behaviour? What kind of personality boasts about it on […]