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Extra punishment for crooked cops is required! All crimes committed whilst under oath as a police officer or other upholder of the law should automatically, by the prima facie evidence of the crime committed, have the additional sentence of ‘Impersonating a Police Office’ added on. However, we know that cops get the lightest of sentences, usually suspended, because of their value […]

Corruption comes from Power During a typical work day this man was maintaining and repairing classic weapons like the Thompson sub-machine gun in the picture. Why doe the police keep these archaic illegal (for civilian) weapons that they don’t use in field operations? (They have better things like H&K UMP sub-machine guns) It’s clear that on the streets […]

Here come the apologists

This reporter is branded an “INVESTIGATOR”. This is the propaganda, where the writer is telling the reader what to think, “The recent tragic death of a man in Sydney must not detract from the impending issue of Tasers to Victoria Police members in the coming months.” What he’s saying is ignore the death of […]

Tasers are tools for forcing compliance, not less-lethal alternatives to pistols Unarmed, running away, and possibly having stolen some biscuits the police decided to taser this person instead of physically arresting him. Why? The police will close ranks and spout propaganda in their defence like they always do. After all they always judge their own cases in the court systems so there is no risk […]

Peasant Dies in Handcuffs: move along, nothing to see Seems this man was riding a motorised scooter and was stopped. He became “abusive” and was handcuffed. Then he collapsed. Almost certainly after repeated blows to the head because he could articulate that he owned his own brain and could wear a helmet on his choice. This kind of free thinking human has to […]

Insane Ignorance. Or is it Arrogance?

If a police officer restrains a person, then puts that person unable to move, in harms way: why is it not murder? Police arrested a drunk teen with a baseball bat who was not behaving in any aggravated way then lay the teen down on a busy secondary suburban road – where the teen was […]