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Extra punishment for crooked cops is required! All crimes committed whilst under oath as a police officer or other upholder of the law should automatically, by the prima facie evidence of the crime committed, have the additional sentence of ‘Impersonating a Police Office’ added on. However, we know that cops get the lightest of sentences, usually suspended, because of their value […]

Harsher Gun Laws to Catch Criminals?

Here it is again. Ridiculous and illogical ideas to catch people who won’t obey laws. Why? Why make it harder to legally own a firearm if you are ostensibly trying to catch people who ALREADY illegally have firearms? Of course that’s not what is trying to be achieved. Note the caption is the real […]

And you think there’s no such thing as Social Decay?

Teenagers in a rural community abuse and bash a boy because his brother and mother died in floods and he survived. Is this not a sign of social decay? What sort of personality thinks this is worthwhile? What sort of personality can rewards itself for this behaviour? What kind of personality boasts about it on […]

When the good guys are backstabbers…

When the USA, who have been the good guys in the public eye since they took over the media, is backstabbing their faithful ally the UK it is telling about morality within the power structures. This kind of thing was once unconscionable but now it’s “just business, don’t take it personally” – that old mind […]