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Not even hidden

It’s not even hidden any more that black on white crime is never “hate crime”.–abc-news-topstories.html This article contains the perfect gem to confirm it. The shootings occurred nearly two years to the day after a black man shot England’s father to death, according to his Facebook posting. We can safely assume the suspect’s father […]

Whites attacked for running out of petrol Read this article. It is almost certainly a brown attacking white crime. That is why there is no mention of race at all. When brown people are victims it is always mentioned. Compare to the bashings of Indian students in Melbourne. Whenever a brown person is a victim the media scream about it. When […]

Google searches lead to nasty action?

It seems that anyone who holds a narrow view of a subject, and is in a minority, must be censored – at least that’s the implication that Professor Kevin Dunn is making in this article by the Sydney Morning Herald. Essentially there is a complaint that any racist related search term cannot be censored and […]