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Invest in Immigration?

Invest in immigration, or invest in the nation? A talk about what immigration means to governments.

So, you want to change the world

Short version is you cannot do it alone. You need a team of those who will work towards the same goal. Why they do it isn’t as important as how effective they are at creating entrenched change. That is change difficult to undo. It seems to this observer with no party affiliations, and indeed a dire resistance of parties ideologies, that a change is required; particularly in the Western world.


Three things you need to be aware of first.

  1. Millgram Experiment
  2. Stockholm Syndrome
  3. Dunning-Kruger Effect

These are the levers of population control.


The biggest question you can answer is how to entrench the change you desire. With more and more research there is less and less real entrenched change that can be enacted without serious discomfort or outright death. Unfortunately the real next step is a group that will work together to enact the entrenched change.


Press don’t understand pressure

Putin’s protectors ought to pull a Mossad on this guy. Kidnap and extradite him to Moscow like the Mossad did with Eichmann, ignoring boundaries, and show trial his crazy face on Russia Today. It would send a serious message that follows the US own internal thinking about threats and calls for assassination for the POTUS.

Cheaper Fuel is Gateway to Carbon Tax

Low fuel prices to usher in carbon tax. Carbon tax is a living tax (a tax on being alive and having energy requirements).
Think it will stop at fuel? Then you haven’t read their plans. Agenda21 calls for an end to private motor vehicle ownership. It’s concealed, somewhat, in the phrase “unessential vehicles”. Think your car is essential? Or your pickup truck? Think again. SWAT needs a few more 18 tonne MRAPs to play GI Joe at the expense of some hippies’ lives and maybe your dog’s life, too.

As always California leads the way with making money while making austerity.

Disparity of Morals: why the USA is beneath Russia

Putin’s protectors ought to pull a Mossad on this guy. Kidnap and extradite him to Moscow like the Mossad did with Eichmann, ignoring boundaries, and show trial his crazy face on Russia Today. It would send a serious message that follows the US own internal thinking about threats and calls for assassination for the POTUS.

Outlaw Combat AI

UN says something must be outlawed… that’s like saying, “It’s ready. Get in line to buy this stuff.” Of course supra-national unaccountability allows you to say any stupid rubbish you want.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer…

After spewing hate of people trying to defend their nation this ‘comedienne’, Joan ‘cry-me-a’ River, has stopped breathing. We all hold our breath in anticipation… nah. We really don’t.

Extra punishment for crooked cops is required!

All crimes committed whilst under oath as a police officer or other upholder of the law should automatically, by the prima facie evidence of the crime committed, have the additional sentence of ‘Impersonating a Police Office’ added on.

However, we know that cops get the lightest of sentences, usually suspended, because of their value to the state as sheep-dogs making sure the fat of the tax-livestock is consumed by their masters – the nation-farmers.

The Road to Post-Oil

20 years
This could happen at any time when supply is constricted, it may be the “warning flag” that the rapid decline has begun. Others have said before and it bears mentioning again: Governments will keep the energy for their purposes as the critical and primary need. Even if it means some others starve. Acceptable losses for the gov. to maintain power. Remember what kind of people are in govt. now – the corporate-sociopath. The ones greatly attracted to power and its further acquisition. Your car is pretty much first to not have any oil available and not long after that: your heater.

40 years
Those with nuclear power will run out before those with oil run out. The cost of the oil needed to maintain those plants will reach a cost-break-point of no return before other things do. That means the cheap power with the nasty waste will be stopped. Greenies rejoice – and then freeze to death.

50 years
Cities will fragment by necessity. The concentration of people will force them to areas with land to support themselves. This transition will be marked with the worst kind of events as urbanites try to fight the change by taking from others. One of the biggest changes for western-cultures will be that they have to use their own poo. Nightsoil is often forgotten and rarely mentioned. Composting toilets are going to be the norm, again, because all those useful nutrients need to be back in the soil instead of pumped dozens of kilometres in water that we’d rather drink or grow food with. So grow your shit with your shit.

70 years
This is also the year of NO MORE OIL. In the big towns there will be more specialists. This has always been the case throughout civilisation. In post-oil societies that still have some industry, beyond farming, the towns will have to manage hard to use resources like metals and medicines. I envisage that most of it will be powerplants from the oil-age that are carefully maintained – somewhat like old steam engines now. There will be a ‘cartel’ or a ‘guild’ that will own, maintain and ‘lease’ the machines. The costs will be very high because they are so specialised.

Inherited machines will be almost all of them. Very few, if any, regions will be able to make new machines. The energy required won’t be available. How can you smelt iron without coal? The short version is that you can’t. All good steel was made by those that had coal just sitting in cliff faces and on the ground to be collected. Like in the pioneer days of north america they found nuggets of close to pure copper sitting on the surface.

I won’t likely live to see this come to pass in the world. Just as their was an ascendency in oil-use there will be a decline. The driving force of distribution will be wealth and martial power. Secret oil wells will be possible but I doubt it. Areas with hydro power will have electricity for roughly 20 years after the last overhaul of the turbines. However, the gov will feed it off to what they decide and not the locals wherever possible. Solar on homes will likely incur death by a thousand cuts via permits and licensing costs. Wind power will become nakedly expensive and near-useless, also unable to be maintained once oil costs are too high to run the trucks and cranes. In many ways a fast crash is preferred. Slow crashes are easy to miss until it’s too late.

How much data is stored on you?

That is a deliberately unanswerable question. Instead we’ll use a different approach.

Let’s look at how much data could be stored on you by a governmentally supported agency. Firstly, they have a budget that could be functionally unlimited. If we accept that they can tap the black market for cash then that factors their on-book budget by at least 10.

The only functional restriction on unlimited demand is the supply-rate. So the assumption is that .gov can afford 1% of all HDD production per year. That’s 5million units at an average of 500Gb per unit just for 2012. Therefore we extrapolate out to 2.5 billion Gb of storage. Which gives about a fifth of a Gb per person on the planet, or 200Mb.

Think about what amount of useful data that could be. Capturing it through Google and your registered ISP or other data-provider account is simply done with legislation that requires data-availability, and .gov monopoly access on high-bandwidth backbones on demand.

So with 200Mb on file per person on the planet what would they know about you?